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At Echelon Digital Tech we believe support is the difference between us and the big guys. We keep our products lean and focus on world class support. But if you're like me and know more than most tech support people, why pay extra for support you'll never use, right? Choose what works best for you.

Basic Support

This is the default support package and it has no added cost.

  • 7 day support ticket response window
    • We will do our best to get back to you within 1 week for support requests.
  • Assistance with service issues only
    • We will not be able to assist you with setting up, migrating, uploading, or configuring your service. For shared hosting customers we will direct you to the documentation available for your control panel. We will only assist with server or service issues that are preventing you from accessing the service you paid for.


Extended Support

This is upgraded support for people that need a quick response and/or a little more piece of mind.

  • 24 hour support ticket response window
    • We guarantee a response to tickets within 24 hours or your next month of support is on us.
  • Assistance with service issues as well as initial setup and up to 1 hour of ongoing maintenance per month.
    • We will help you get your account setup, answer any questions you have about your control panel or how to create or migrate your new site, how to setup your domain properly, etc.
    • Additionally you will get 1 hour per month of our time to use however you wish regarding your service.
      • We can setup new user, ftp, or email accounts, new databases or applications (provided they can be installed via your control panel).
      • This time is refreshed on the monthly anniversary of your account signup (if you signed up on the 5th of May your hour would refresh on the 5th of June).
      • You cannot bank hours, we like to think of it as insurance. We're there if you need us but you can't save up coverage.

Premium Support

This is the best support package we offer. If you're running a business and making money from your site of if you just need the best, this is the package for you.

  • 1 hour support ticket response window
    • During east coast USA business hours (9am to 5pm EST) we guarantee a response to support tickets within 1 hour.
    • Outside of east coast business hours we guarantee 12 hour response window. (This is scheduled to improve as we expand our support staff world-wide)
  • Assistance with service issues as well as initial setup and up to 5 hours of ongoing maintenance per month.
    • You get all the same benefits as Extended Support but you get 4 additional hours per month of our time and this extends to more services.
      • We will make our expert software engineers available to you for hosting-related tasks.
        • Need a backup script created, or some minor modification to your application to allow it to run better on our servers? We can do it.
        • Submit a ticket and ask and we'll let you know how long it'll take and if it's something we can do. We'll do our best to help you succeed.
        • If the task requires more hours than you have available you are able to purchase more of our time at a flate rate of $20 per hour
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